Punched Up Paint Color: Girls Room

Looking to update the look of your daughter's bedroom? One really hot-looking combo is green and pink. These paint colors lend a fresh look to a girl's bedroom. Green and pink paint colors will allow you to add punch to a space with paint instead of blowing your budget on pricey furnishings.

Let's face it, kids are susceptible to peer pressure, they want to copy each other. You'd like your daughter to develop her own style but it's best to wait until she's a bit older. The pink and green color combination is trendy and sure to please.

Maybe you're concerned the room will look, well, a bit garish. But with some planning you'll get the look you and your daughter will both love with little fuss or bother. Here are some how-to tips:

Warm or Cool?

*For a warm atmosphere, use all pink. But if you prefer a cool look, shoot for all green.

*Looking for balance? Paint the room two thirds pink, and one third green, or vice versa.

*Looking for an interesting effect? Mix some pink into the green and some green into the pink.

Dramatic Effect

*Get a dramatic effect by using intense shades of these colors or vary the distance between the colors so they are very close or very far away from each other.

*Add some flower power, by using stencils. Paint with semi-gloss paint a pink base coat and then paint on some stencil flowers using a different shade of pink. Looking for something easier? Use flower stamps instead of stencils. Press them firmly to the wall and keep a 5"-8" distance between stamps.

*Go for stripes and use satin paint and different shades of green. Start with a uniform base coat using a marble-patterned roller cover for a bit of a mottled look. Measure off the stripes with chalk according to your preference, starting from behind the door of the room. The stripes can be painted using a liner brush. Use downward strokes from top to bottom.

Psychedelic Shack

*Achieve a psychedelic look by painting dark pink paint swirls over a light pink base coat with the help of a foam roller. Run a squeegee through the wet paint in two different directions to give the swirls a lively look. This technique works well even in a small space.

*Polka dots never go out of style. Paint a base coat in one shade of green, let dry, apply a glaze, and then apply a different shade of green semi-gloss paint with a stamper. Or try a white base, neutral glaze, and then stamp on some green polka dots.