Child Safe, Toxin Free Paint

Going Green used to be something that only "tree huggers" did. Eschewing the evils of chemicals and plastic, one often associated such individuals with a hippie/commune lifestyle. Then, somewhere along the road, the rest of Western society began to pick up on the idea that thinking green was a very important concept-one that could affect life. As a result, today we have more and more opportunities to make healthier choices for our families and ourselves.

Paint It Green

One arena where "green" choices are becoming more noticeable is in home decorating options. When we consider that those most profoundly affected by toxins are infants, children, and pregnant women and their unborn babies, it is more than sensible that we make wise choices with paint and wallpaper. Does any loving, responsible parent want to decorate their children's room, the nursery, or the recreation room with potentially harmful poisons and toxins? Hardly. Toxins emitted from paint and wallpaper are dangerous to both health and environment.

Volatile Organic Compounds-Danger In The Air

The compound that makes regular paints dangerous is called VOC, or volatile organic compounds. According to Wikipedia, VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere. Even though they are ubiquitous in nature, they may also be harmful or toxic. There is a considerable amount written concerning VOCs and the dangers they present to the human body. By using paints and wallpapers that are free of VOCs, we can at least have a positive impact in our homes.

Don't Be Fooled

Non-toxic paints have much less odor, so the incidence of headaches, allergic reactions, asthma, and nausea are significantly reduced. Ask your paint dealer to show you the zero VOC, zero toxin paint rather than those that are low VOC or low in toxins. Unless you understand exactly how the manufacturer has labeled the VOC content on their paint cans, it is easy to misunderstand the rating. The numbers on the can may be measured for a pint when in fact you are buying a gallon.

They've Come A Long Way, Baby

At the beginning of the low/no VOC paint production movement, the quality of the paint was lacking in some respects. However, some companies are doing an outstanding job manufacturing high quality, durable low VOC paints. C2LoVo has become a favorite "green" paint because the VOC level is very low. There is no paint smell with these products and they are high-end, luxurious, eco friendly paints that dry beautifully. They also have 496 premium paint colors from which to choose.

There is no need to expose yourself or your precious family to poisons in a bid to provide a lovely home. Now you can avail yourself of a wide selection of toxin-free paint that is safe for you, your children, and the environment.