Organic Paint

The Impact Of The Green Movement

Going organic, or going green, is no longer something snickered at behind the back. Rather, it has become a solid, sane and strong movement of people looking for ways to live life in the healthiest, least-damaging-to-the-earth way. Now, that's a mouthful, but it is also a resourceful way to live. The impact of the green movement has been great and more people are feeling the need to free their lives of toxins and things that aren't good for human beings.

One of the notions of going green is the idea that in order to maintain a sustainable environment, the responsibility falls on those who have the ingenuity and intellect to experiment with eco-friendly products. Because of this experimentation, we now have paint, wallpaper, brushes, rollers and wood stains that are low or zero toxin and ecologically sound. Although these products have been difficult to find in the past, and can be pricier than the other types of paints, they are now becoming more available, and costs are lowering as big name paint companies like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paints have gotten on board with production of safe paint.

What Are The Dangers Of Regular Paint?

One of the primary dangers of paints and finishes is the release of low-level toxic emissions into the air. These emissions are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and they can remain in the air for years after the paint or finishes have been applied. Until recently, when the people mentioned above began experimenting to create eco-friendly products, VOCs were essential to the performance of paint. These toxins are responsible for any number of short-term and long-term negative reactions in humans from eye, nose, and throat, irritation, headaches and nausea to liver and kidney damage and even cancer. No responsible person would knowingly paint their child's room with poison. However, that's exactly what we've been doing for years.

Organic Paint-Color, Finish And Safe-All At The Same Time

Organic paint, or zero toxin paint as it is also known, is created from natural materials that are not harmful to humans or the environment. These paints are chemical free, have very low or no fumes or odor once they have cured and there is no off gassing, which means they won't pollute the air after they are dry as other paints do. These paints are not deemed hazardous and clean up is easy. The surfaces are safe to wash and the paint is durable, lasting a long time. With the popularity growing in leaps and bounds, organic paint is now available in a variety of finishes and hundreds of colors. You don't have to sacrifice your decorating dreams for a healthy environment. Now, you can have it all.