Interior Design Articles

Sponge painting with sunflowerheads
Sponge painting with sunflower heads is another cheap way to add some color to your home.

Forest Murals
Black and white forest wall murals are hard to find, but look great in almost any room you choose to include them in.

Faux Painting Finishes
Faux paint finishes can add a bit of whimsy to any room.

Stucco faux finishes
Brick and stucco faux finishes - add style to any garden.

Popular painting colors
What are popular interior paint colors? Most people choose to paint their walls with neutral colors.

Interior painting tips
Are you planning to repaint some rooms in your house?

Faux wall finishes
Faux wall finishes are an easy way to give your walls a custom look without going to the expense of hiring an artist to create murals.

Painting with strong colors
Builders beige" is the most common color found in any home and most people are terrified to make the move from that boring color to something far more daring.

Unique Wall Art Ideas
Home decorating is fun. What stops many people from decorating their own homes is fear of the alleged expense involved.

Interior house painting price guide
How to price interior house painting - it's best to ask for several different price quotes.

Decorating childrens rooms
Decorative painting in children's rooms: an easy way to design the perfect room for your child.

Decorative Wall Painting Ideas
Do your walls seem dull and uninviting? Do you long for a cozy, welcoming room?

Online painting stencils
If you are beginning to think that winter will never end, why not bring the garden into your home?

Faux marble finishes
How to do faux marble - a massive do-it-yourself project.

Some interior painting techniques
Are you looking for a creative way to make a room stand out?

Budget Wall Art
While there are a lot of options for interior designs, you should always keep in mind your budgetary limitations.

Wall Painting Lady Bugs
Are you looking for a way to add a lady bug décor to your room?

Monkey pictures and murals
If you're looking for a cute design idea for a child's room, you should think about painting a monkey on the wall.

Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas
If you're looking for inexpensive wall art ideas, you should check online.

Nursery Decorating Tips and Ideas
Decorating your child’s nursery is an exciting experience.

Colored Ceilings
For years, our ceilings have been a stark white color with a popcorn finish.

The Power of Colors
As you grew up you developed your own favourite color. Over the years you had a tendency to choose items specifically with that color in mind.

Creating canvas wall art
If you want to make wall art that can be easily moved and taken down, then you should look into painting on something other than directly onto the wall.

Home decorating and design magazines
Are you just bursting to redecorate your home but find yourself stuck for ideas?

Wall and ceiling painting tips
The walls of any room usually dominate and set the tone for that room.

Faux finishes on your furniture
Faux distressed furniture finishes - make new furniture look antique!

Sponge Painting Your Bathroom
There's no reason for your bathroom to be the ugliest room in the house.

Faux Concrete Floor
One question that many people ask is “Can you faux paint a concrete floor?”

How color affects the feel of a room
As you grew up you developed your own favourite color. Over the years you had a tendency to choose items specifically with that color in mind.

Interior paint colors for 2008
If you’re looking for a great color to paint your home in 2008, then you should definitely take a look at the colors that are popular right now.

Decorative Faux Apples
One thing that you should consider when you are designing your kitchen is whether or not you should just stop with wall decorations.

Using stencils to create seascapes
If you are looking for a great sea scape stencil, there are a few options available to you.

Faux Wood Grain Effects
Making faux wood grain is not as difficult as you might have imagined at first.

Faux wainscot finishes
Faux wainscoting is a great way to add some instant class to your home.

Decorative horse murals
There are a couple of different ways to get a great mural on one of the walls in your room.

Fabric wall art ideas
Wall art does not need to consist only of paintings or photographs.

Indoor decor and murals
One way to spruce up your room is to add interior design indoor murals.

Scorpio Wall Stencils
If you want to give your room an astrological slant, then you should think about stencils that match your star sign, or the start signs of the people in your family.

Faux sponge floor painting
You do not have to restrict faux painting to the walls of your room.

Tatouage Mural Ideas
Now you can have a mural design in your room, even if you don’t have the money to pay somebody to paint it for you.

Decorative wall stencils
Raised deocorative stencils are not hard to add to any room.