Final Touches that Pull a Room Together

Redesigning or decorating a room for the first time gives you the chance to be creative and let your vision come to life. For those who aren’t seasoned pros, however, the focus tends to be on the paint and the furniture, and nothing else. Of course, these are some huge elements in the room and freshly painting the walls will make it look completely different. But, the key is to look at the painting as only one step in a multi-step process.

Let the Paint Color Guide You

If you’re looking to totally transform a room, then it’s very important to change up the paint color. What paint does is create the tone and feel in the room, and this will help to dictate where you go from there. When you are decorating on a budget, paint is the number one place you should spend money, as it provides huge impact for little money. Even if you don’t have a tight budget, painting a room will still provide maximum impact.

The mistake you don’t want to fall into is painting the room, then figuring you can call it a day and that’s all you need to do. Even if the walls are a bright electric blue, when you look around and see four blank walls it’s still a blank canvas. Paint alone isn’t enough to pull a room together; rather, it is the starting point.

Give It Some Thought

Instead of just throwing a bunch of random decor pieces into the room, hoping to pull the look together, experts suggest you spend some time thinking about what it is you like. Are there hobbies, types of artwork, pictures, scenes, colors, and patterns that you like? While you’re not trying to build a theme, you are trying to pick elements that you can carry throughout the room in small touches, and even through the rest of your house if you like.

You can then take those items/scenes that appeal to you and figure out how they can work with the color of the room. It may even be a good idea to start with this step and find your inspiration first, and then pick a paint color based on it.

Common Decor Items You Can Use

So what items will help pull the room together? Now that you’ve got your inspiration you can start to look for décor pieces that fit that feeling/look. These can include light fixtures, artwork such as stunning canvas prints, area rugs, and window treatments. Pick up these larger items first and then can add some final decor pieces that are more decorative than functional. As long as the pieces all flow with that initial inspiration, then you’re going to find you’ve created a room that looks put together and belongs in a magazine.

Try to Keep an Open Mind

Decorating truly requires an open mind so that you can find the very best elements to include in the space. Pulling a room together involves finding all the extra items – big and small – that help you bring your vision to life.