The Paint Review

It's Not Like Buying A Pair Of Shoes...

When it comes to choosing interior paint, most of us use the same system we do for other types of "sundry" expenses. If we are bargain hunters, then we'll look for the best price, regardless of the quality. Alternatively, we may go for designer labels and brand names, trusting the advertising about them. While this method of shopping works well for many things, purchasing paint is not one of them.

Interior painting is one of the best and least expensive ways to change the tone of a room, or a whole house. If the job is not done well, or the paint doesn't hold up, then it looks shoddy very quickly. So then, how does the average person choose a long-lasting paint that covers well and gives the results desired without breaking the bank? As with clothing, there are myriad labels to choose from and we have selected just a few of them to help the decision-making process become more educated and less overwhelming.

Behr Paints

Chosen by Consumer Reports as the top rated interior paint, Behr would make a superior choice. Superb qualities with colors that don't fade, excellent coverage, and reasonable pricing, all contribute to the popularity of this brand of paint. Behr paints come in a huge variety of colors and are easily accessible. They are top drawer when it comes to cleaning and mildew protection and Behr carries a lifetime warranty.

Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints have been in the marketplace as producers of interior and exterior paint finishes since 1883. They have developed intense and rigorous testing and development programs to ensure their paint and finishes both meet and exceed environmental standards. Benjamin Moore is a popular choice with interior designers and professional painters and their color line is second to none. Benjamin Moore paints cost more than other paints, but faithful followers don't mind spending the money.


Any company that has been around as long as Valspar must have something going for it. Since 1806, Valspar has been supplying customers with interior and exterior paints, stains, primers, faux finishes and cleaners. The American Traditions line is noted for easy application and clean up, low odor, and mildew resistance. Some painters find this line a bit thin and recommend going up to the Valspar Signature series for better coverage. Regardless which line you choose, Valspar is decently priced and has a good range of colors.

Sherwin-Williams Paint

Sherwin-Williams Paint is one of the best-known names in the industry. They have dedicated stores offering professional advice and great customer service. Color selections and products are all top-of-the-line, offering the best products for the job you are doing. One of the most popular paint series is The Martha Stewart Signature Collection and for those who are "Martha" devotees, Sherwin-Williams provides the home expert's offerings in paint, faux finishes and stains-along with expert instruction from the staff.