Painting Tips and Ideas for a Baby Nursery

When parents are designing a nursery in their home it quickly becomes one of the most (if not the most) important rooms in the house. Newly expectant parents will want this room to be really, really special for the new baby so a lot of work will go into it. Creating beautiful, inviting babyroom type spaces is often as simple as repainting a room that used to be a study or spare bedroom in fresh, warm colors.

What Colors To Use

The usual model of thinking for picking colors for a baby room is to choose pink for a girls room and blue for a boys rom. You do have a lot of other options you know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a big pink frilly girls room or a really peaceful blue nursery for a boy. Just remember that there are more than two colors in the rainbow.

If you are, however, looking for colors that are commonly considered boyish then you could use blue, yellow, red, orange and green as options.

For girls pink, purple, yellow, green and red are traditionally feminine in nature. If you want to avoid the task of repainting for the forseeable future then try using colors like tan or white as these can act like a blank canvas that you can then decorate with bright paintings, curtains and other such items.

You can also read more about choosing colors here.

What Patterns To Use

If you can't decide on just one single wall color then maybe a pattern might be a better way to go? This will also allow you to use several different colors in one room.Stripes, checks, big squares and circles are all great pattern options.

Here's some tips for painting those patterns in your nursery:

* Paint stripes in two shades of the same color or use two completely different colors, like pink and purple. You can have stripes that are the same width or alternate wide and skinny stripes.

* Checks can be small or large. Since they can be overwhelming in an entire room, it is a good idea to paint them on just the smallest wall in the room and paint the other walls with a solid coordinating color.

* Big squares and circles can be painted on the walls in a rainbow of colors. A fun idea is to hang pictures in some of the squares or circles.

Once you decide on colors and patterns, you are ready to choose your paint. The most important thing is to look for paints that are child safe. While lead paint is no longer being manufactured in the US, there are other considerations.

First, be sure to paint the room well before the baby will be using it. You want to be sure that all fresh paint fumes are gone before you bring a newborn child into the room.

Next, look for paints that say they are non-toxic, low odor, or fume free. Oil paints and enamel kitchen and bath paints are definitely not good choices. They may wipe down easily, but they can cause problems long after they paint has dried.

Above all else make sure that the room is safe and welcoming for your new baby by making the right choices well in advance.