Ideas for Decorating With Unique Wall Art

Home decorating is fun. What stops many people from decorating their own homes is fear of the alleged expense involved - that it would simply cost too much. The truth is that home decorating doesn't need to be expensive. Even if the effect you're trying to create may look expensive you'll find that you can acheive the desired result without putting a big dent in your bank balance. Start by making small changes instead of trying to perform a complete makeover on your home. Wall art is one small change that can have a huge impact on the look of your home and is easily reversed if you don't like it.

The Impact Of Walls

When you first walk into another persons home what's the first thing you notice? The walls! What is, or is not, on your walls sets the theme of your home. If your walls are empty it's time to get to work populating them. You can either purchase existing artwork (can be expensive) or create your own (inexpensive and fun). Before you begin firstly you need to consider a theme. What room is the artwork going to wind up in and what theme would best suit that room? For example if it's the bathroom then you could frame sea shells.

Most families have pictures that they don't have any purpose for. These might be holiday snaps or just a collection of old photographs they've inherited. Why not arrange some of these photos into a wall photo collage? Pictures of exotic places, family events, weddings and childrens photos are all ideal. Using coverart from CDs or old vinyl LPs is another great way of adding a musical theme to any room in your house. How about using some old Rolling Stone covers as a wall collage? You can also purchase a readymade collage for anywhere from $40 - $250.

Leaves And Flowers

Framing pressed leaves or flowers as part of your artwork collection is another great idea. You simply need to leave the leaves or flowers inside a book and allow them to dry flat. Once they become 'crisp' they're ready - the entire process shouldn't take any more than 14 days. Blend bright colors with green foliage for some of the most pleasing effects.

Home decorating is only ever limited to what your imagination can conjur and not just by how much money you have. If you don't like the end result you can always take the artwork down and start again. What are you waiting for? Go and be creative!