The Art of Silk Painting

Painting on Silk

If you have ever seen a colorful silk scarf, then you know how beautiful silk painting can appear. What you might not know, however, is that painting on silk can also be used to produce pictures, wall hangings, sun-catchers, T-shirts, clothes, bags, cushions, and more. Moreover, the ease with which colors spread and blend on a piece of silk makes painting on silk an art form anyone can enjoy and succeed at. Even beginners and novice painters can create stunning works of art when painting on silk.

Learn About Colors

Since painting on silk is all about mixing, matching, and blending exquisite colors, silk painting in the perfect venue for budding artists to learn which colors complement each other and for experienced artists and painters to experiment with color patterns, color techniques, contrasting colors, and more.

Silk Painting Wall Art

Silk wall art is known for catching the eye of the beholder. People can't help but notice the glow and vibrancy of a silk painting, and silk paintings enhance the décor of any room or wall that they decorate. All you need are some silk paints or dyes, a watercolor paintbrush, and some pins to hold down the silk while you work. Whether you apply simple brush strokes or engage in more advanced silk painting techniques, the results are stunning.

Framing Silk Artwork

Unlike most paintings which are displayed in a decorative frame, silk paintings are showcased by stretching the silk fabric over a canvas frame. For this reason, when you invest in a piece of silk to create your masterpiece, be sure the fabric is at least 15 cm wider and deeper than your project since the extra material is needed to wrap around the sides of the canvas frame. This unique mode of presenting wall art to family and friends is another innovative aspect of painting on silk.

Experiment with Silk Painting

The great thing about silk painting is how forgiving an art form it is. Since paints and dyes take on a life of their own on a piece of silk, you really can't go "wrong" working with this medium. While this is part of the magic of painting on silk, it is also the reason many painters and artists get frustrated or disillusioned with the results of their artistic efforts. In order to get a feel for how to paint on silk and how the hues blend to create a work of art, here are some ways to experiment with silk painting and gain the upper hand:

1) Experiment with silk painting as follows:

- Find a clear working space

- Lay down your piece of silk, using pins to hold it in place

- Dab a spot of dye or paint in the middle of the fabric and watch how it spreads

- Dab another color of dye or paint in another area and watch the hues expand

- Continue to experiment, alternating dyes and paints, light and dark colors, creating a variety of rainbow patterns

- Experiment with different types of silk fabrics which can be painted on

2) To attain more consistent results as a painter on silk, invest in a pre-made silk painting pattern. Silk painting patterns are hand-drawn designs which you simply trace onto a silk fabric to create the wall art or project of your choice. The pattern can be replicated along the length of a piece of silk to create a repetitive silk painting design, and the same stencil can be used for numerous silk painting projects. If you are artistically talented and inspired, you can also use your imagination to create your own silk painting pattern and create the vision of your dreams.

3) Try silk painting with FabricMate markers, the latest innovation in this art form. FabricMate permanent fabric markers are available in over 30 colors which mix together just like regular dyes and use a thick, water-based dye that soaks into the fabric and dyes the fibers. Select between a superfine or thick marker, or invest in FabricMate markers with a specially tapered tip, allowing you to vary the thickness of your drawing by simply altering the angle of the pen. Silk painting has never been easier!

Silk Painting Fabrics

Here is a list of the types of silk fabrics which can be painted:

•- Silk chiffon

•- Silk dupion

•- Silk Habotai

•- Silk velvet

•- Silk organza

•- Silk gauze

•- Silk twill

•- Flat crepe

•- Decore satin

•- Crepe de chine

•- Crepe back suit satin

•- Raw silk