Scorpio Stencils - Celebrate Your Astrological Sign!

If you want to give your room an astrological slant, then you should think about stencils that match your star sign, or the start signs of the people in your family. Scorpio stencils are not difficult to come by, so if you would like to paint your room with a Scorpio design, then you can do that.

Some of these stencils will come with an astrological portion of the stencil that creates a little frame around the picture itself. You do not have to use that part of the stencil – just omit it when you are adding your paint or stencil paste to the wall. However, you might also find that part of the stencil is an addition to your design that you want to make – that will make the stencil look as though you have tiles.

Getting A Scorpio Stencil

There are a couple of different ways that you can get stencils of Scorpio. The easiest, as always, is just to look around and buy a Scorpio design stencil. This way, you’ll have the design you want and you’ll be ready to start painting right away. However, you will also have to be content with the fact that you are using the same Scorpio design as a lot of other people. If uniqueness is a big issue for you, then you should think about making your own stencil design.

You can do this by looking at pictures of scorpions and going from there – though you should also look at the Scorpio constellation as well. Keep in mind the fact that most of the actual star chart and astrological designs are fairly stylized. Therefore, you should go with the design that you want and then change it until it doesn’t look exactly like the scorpion picture you’re working off of.

While it can be fun just to put some stencils of Scorpio designs up on your walls, this is not always the best idea – after all, if you’re going to be doing interior decorating, you might as well have fun with it!

Making The Look Work

One thing that you could do would be to blend the Scorpio design with a general desert background. You can get other stencils that look like desert themes, and use desert colors for the room itself. For instance, the walls can be a basic neutral sand color, and you can use either brown or brick red for the stencil designs themselves.

This is taking a few liberties with the original Scorpio design – but it should be fun!

Another option is just to do a general astrological theme. You can do this by using all of the astrological signs – or just the ones of the people you live with. As far as color choices, you should think about colors that represent the people whose signs you’re putting on the walls – or just use whatever colors you like! The possibilities are almost endless.

In many ways, picking the stencil and designs that you want to use in your room is the hardest part. After all, once you have the stencils picked out, all you have to do is carefully apply the stencil paste or paint to the walls.