Create Home Painting Stencils From Online Concepts

If you are beginning to think that winter will never end, why not bring the garden into your home? Whether you search for free online stencils or order books or designs, you can use stenciling patterns to create a garden mural for your walls.

Getting Started

First, you will need to design your mural using inspiration from your garden, gardening books or online stenciling ideas. You may also want to tie the mural to your room by creating a stencil border around the ceiling. Keep your design simple so you can complete it quickly and easily.

Once you have a completed design, you will need to gather supplies. Many online stores sell stencils, as well as tools such as stencil brushes and paints. You will also need masking tape or painter's tape to help you keep the stencils in place, a pencil, and a ruler or tape measure.

Before you begin your mural, measure the wall where you will be laying out your design. Mark the center of the wall with your pencil. Also, lightly mark the corners of the area where you will locate the mural. This will help you position the stencils correctly.

Now, position your stencils on the wall and tape them securely. Don't try to just hold them up. Pouncing (the up and down movement of the brush as you apply stencil paints) makes it hard to hold the stencils in place and a slipped stencil can mean a ruined design.

A Few Tips

As, you pounce, be careful not to apply large globs of stencil paint to your patterns. It is better to go over the same area with several coats than to end up with paint oozing under the stencil patterns.

Finally, create a cohesive look for the room by choosing accessories that accent your mural. You can even stencil some of the accessories with one or two of the stencil patterns from the mural to tie them in.