Wagner Paint Rollers - The Professional Choice

Wagner has long been known for it's painting tools. What they have become especially known for are the innovative paint rollers that they have on offer. It doesn't matter if you're a professional painter or just a DIY enthusiast with a major painting project ahead Wagner paint rollers are more than just a luxury; they're pretty much essential to the success and final finish of your painting handywork.

Manual Paint Rollers

One of the most annoying things for anyone painting with a roller is the constant splashing and drips that you get moving backwards and forwards between the paint tray and the wall or ceiling that you're working on. If this is the case then you may want to take a close look at one of the handy Wagner manual roller products. The Paint Mate Plus, Paint-N-Roll Plus and DeckMate rollers all are designed to help alleviate all those extra steps. These rollers hold paint in a reservoir and the roller cover is refilled from the reservoir until it empties.

For people who don’t like to get their hands dirty, the Mess-Free Release Roller is the perfect solution. As you probably know, unless you wash a roller cover before you remove it from the handle because you are planning to use it for another paint job, you are in for an icky removal process. It is almost impossible to take a paint filled roller cover off the roller without getting paint all over your hands. This roller is designed to have the cover drop right off into the trash can when you press a button on the handle.

Power Rollers

Like the manual paint rollers, power rollers offer the convenience of never having to compete in the paint roller dip without drip race that people using traditional rollers are forced to deal with. Instead, the paint roller sucks paint right out of the can and sends it up to the roller cover, giving you a constant supply of fresh paint. Besides avoiding pain from all of that labor intensive bending and rolling, these rollers allow you to get the job done so much faster.

You can opt for the light use Wagner Quick Touch 980 or go all out and select the Wagner Roll N Go Power Roller, which can go anywhere since it doesn’t run on electricity and is heavy duty enough to handle painting as many as five rooms on just one set of batteries. If you want versatility, you may want to take a look at the Quick Touch Pro 990, which is able to handle those massive five gallon sized buckets that most professional painters choose but it works just as well with one gallon buckets of paint also.

Rollers can make your painting life that bith easier so why not check out Wagner paint rollers today - you'll not be disappointed.