Wooster Paint Brushes - A Brand Name You Can Trust

One paint supply company that has a reputation for making quality products is Wooster Brush Company. Although Wooster also makes other products, such as the Dust Eater, which makes it easy to be sure the walls are clean before paint is applied, this company is best known for its paint brushes.

Wooster makes two grades of brushes. Professional brushes are a bit more costly than the DIY brush line, but are worth the expense if you are planning to complete a big job, such as painting a large house from top to bottom. They have more size and style options and are made with wooden handles instead of the plastic handles the DIY grade brushes have.

In addition, I was talking to a painter recently and asked him how he gets such a neat line without even taping off a room. He said that professional grade brushes usually have more bristles and make it easier to create a straight line when you are cutting in around the edges of a room.

Types Of Paint Brushes

Once you decide which grade of brush is right for you, you will need to select the right brush for the job. Some people only buy one or two standard flat brushes. These brushes can get the job done, but you’ll be able to get professional looking results without as much effort if you use the right brush for tricky areas.

Standard wall brushes are great for getting walls painted fast or for cutting in around the wall edges if you are rolling a room. They can be a bit smaller or larger, but most of them are between three and four inches wide.

Angle wall brushes tend to be a hair smaller. They are usually two and a half or three inches wide. These brushes are useful for cutting in when you are working in a bit of a tight area.

Sash brushes and angle sash brushes are ideal for painting all of that trim in the room. They are small enough to help you avoid accidentally painting over the edges of the trim and onto the wall beside it, but large enough to still allow you to get the trim painted quickly.

There are also round sash brushes and brushes that have special characteristics that make them perfect for nontraditional paint jobs, such as painting radiators.

Don’t forget to check the brush style you decide on to see if it is recommended for the type of paint you will be using. Synthetic brush fibers are better for latex paint, while oil based paint should be applied with brushes that are made with natural fibers.