Purdy Paint Brushes

If you are looking for paintbrushes, chances are that you’ll see that many of the quality brushes on the shelves are Purdy brand brushes. Purdy is one of the biggest paintbrush manufacturers and makes many types of brushes. Whether you are a professional painter in need of a specialty brush or a do it yourselfer who never realized that there was more than one type of paintbrush before, Purdy probably has just what you need.

The Right Brush For The Job

If you are in a hurry to get the job done, you’ll want to look for brushes that can hold a lot of paint. This allows you to paint more of the wall between trips back to the paint can. Purdy has two types of brushes that are designed to hold larger quantities of paint: the Purdy XL Series and the Purdy Pro Extra Series. Purdy says that the Pro Extra brushes are the company’s best model. If you are on a tight budget, you may be tempted to look for a cheaper brush. Just keep in mind that a quality brush will last through quite a few paint jobs if it is properly cared for, while an economy brush may not make it through one job without losing bristles.

For paint that is thick and creamy, you may want to look at the Chinex Series of brushes. These brushes can handle thicker paints with no problem. Purdy says that they also clean up very well. Combine that ability with this brush series’ wooden handles and you’ll be painting with your new brush for years to come.

You’re painting your living room walls? Nylox brushes are probably the best choice for you. These brushes are perfect for indoor projects and are designed to give your walls a nice, smooth appearance. A wooden handle and sturdy construction help make this brush a good investment, since it will hold up well. Syntox and White China series are both good choices for a smooth coat of paint, as well. However, White China brushes are best used with stain or finish products, so be sure to avoid buying them if you are planning a project that involves latex paint.

If you are looking for a paintbrush that can handle almost any task, you’ll like the Purdy Elite series. These brushes are perfect for painting corners, right up to the seam between the wall and ceiling, or just painting the whole wall. They clean up easily and stand up to heavy use. Black Nylon brushes are also great all around brushes.