Painting Furniture

The Paint Panacea

Thank Heaven for the guy who invented paint. Having said that - it was probably a woman! Either way, paint is a panacea for myriad ills when it comes to poor construction, bad lighting, or furniture that needs a face-lift. Paint is a foundational part of decorating and, with proper preparation, paint can transform a piece of furniture into a masterpiece in hours.

When applied with taste and a bit of skill, paint adds much more than color, it can make a piece of furniture "time-travel" evoking another period in history. A piece of furniture that has been refinished can look like an antique in hours instead of years.

But, Will It Fit?

Incorporating your painted furniture into your home does not require any special application. Painted furniture works great in any room, regardless of the décor. The important thing, of course, is to ensure that the colors harmonize and the scheme is not disrupted. One painted piece can make a bold statement or, if you choose, you can paint an entire group of pieces and create a set. Exposed-grain pieces are especially complemented with paint. You can make a piece as new or old as you like - all it takes is time, imagination, and a sense of adventure.

This Looks Like A Lot Of Fun!

There are so many applications for painted furniture. The variety is endless and fun. The base of a marble tabletop can be jazzed up with dots made with paint pens. All kinds of fancy design and handwork can be applied with these little wizards of paint.

If you want to create bold strokes and make a dynamic statement, use a broad tip and if you are interested in developing a sense of whimsy, or you want to write a message, then use a narrow tip. The possibilities are endless. Write poetry across a tabletop...or draw a vine that lazily falls down the front of a bureau. You are the creator and the design is in your hands.

Cover It With Paint Instead Of A Tarp

A simple coat of paint to a piece of furniture that was given to you by your parents can make it blend into your décor without causing offense. One of the lovely things about painted furniture is that you get to pick the paint, the finish, the design and the way you want it to look in the end. It's all about what you want in your space. Perhaps you saw an incredible headboard at an auction, but it was in tough shape and certainly wouldn't fit into your bedroom in its current state. Think paint. What color would you make it? What design would you put on it? Highlights? Simple color? The choice is yours.

YOU-The Artist

Create clusters of ivy or flowers cascading down the cabinets in the kitchen and onto the stools at the counter with stencils. If you want to create a special place for your china, paint a cabinet a neutral cream color for the base coat. If you just love shabby-chic, then sand down the areas that would naturally peel and apply stencil where there is still paint remaining. Use all the colors you want for the space the cabinet will live in, and when you are finished, seal it all with polyurethane.

Paint really does afford you the opportunity to create and recreate when it comes to furniture.