More Mural Ideas

If you are stuck for new decorating ideas why not try a mural in a more unusual place.

Guest Rooms

One way to make your guest room unique is to have your guests fill in a mural. If you have an outline stenciled or painted onto the wall, you can ask your guests to color in the picture. You just provide the paint and the brushes and the guests do the rest. If you want to make sure it turns out the way you want, you can control the choice of color by giving each color a number, and marking it on the wall, rather like a painting by numbers kit. Or if you prefer things to be a bit more interesting you can let your guests color it how they like. Of course it might take rather a long time to get the mural finished, depending on how often you have guests! You can also use this idea for the powder room if you don't want your guests to have to sleep with the smell of paint!


If you only have a small balcony you can create a garden effect by painting a mural or a trompe d'oile on the wall and surround yourself with your ideal garden. You can put plant pots put against the wall so that the real plants merge with the painted ones. By painting the ceiling you can have grape vines hanging down, or birds flying overhead in a blue sky, or whatever takes your fancy. This is a project you could either do by yourself, with your partner, or you can invite friends to help. As long as you have your garden outline painted on the wall, it won't matter how long it takes to finish the coloring in. You can still enjoy the process even if it takes a few weeks or months. After all any garden takes time to grow! This type of painted garden can enhance even the smallest balcony. You can then have somewhere to relax, just like in a real garden, even if you don't have much room for plants.


If you have a patio you can paint a large picture on the wall. Whether it is a beach scene, a garden, or even a mountain view it can really open up the space. Even the smallest of courtyards can feel much bigger with a mural or trompe d'oile on the wall facing the house. This is especially useful for half-basement patios which don't get much sun.

Types Of Paint

Remember you will need different kind of paints, depending on the surface you are painting.

Just look around the rest of our site for more advice on what kind of paint to use for an indoor or outdoor mural.