How To Do Faux Wainscoting

Now you can add elegance to your rooms without professional help. Faux wainscoting is a great way to add some instant class to your home. If your room appears to be lacking, the best choice is probably not to add more furniture, as this will probably just make the room look cluttered. Likewise, putting up more pictures on the walls is more likely to add to the cluttered look than it is to make your room look better. In this case, you should definitely consider adding faux wainscoting.

In the past, faux wainscoting was something that needed to be installed by a professional. However, you do not have to pay a professional to install it for you anymore. Now, there are several options available for people who want to install faux wainscoting on their own. As a result, the most inexpensive option is to install it yourself.

Even if you do not know how to do faux wainscoting, you will likely find that it is not all that difficult. You just need to make sure that you are careful as you install it. The first thing that you need to do is fairly self explanatory - but make sure that you measure the height of your room, and then figure out how much faux wainscoting you're going to need to circle the room.

The Height Of Your Room

The height of your room is important as that will help you determine how high the faux wainscoting needs to be. As a general rule of thumb, you will want the wainscoting to be a little lower than half-way up your wall. Generally, the wainscoting will be between 32 and 60 inches high. In a room that has normal ceiling height, you will probably want to go with shorter wainscoting rather than higher panels.

If you are going to be doing wainscoting on your own, then you should look for do it yourself wainscoting. This is not too difficult to find if you look in a home improvement store. You will be looking for paneled or "plybead" wainscoting.

Once you have measured your room, you can go and find the right color and type of wainscoting for your project.

Install Wainscoting

In order to actually install the wainscoting, you will want to make sure that it locks into place properly at the baseboard of the wall. First, take the baseboards off of your walls. Then you should put on your new baseboards. This will help you to put the wainscoting up and will look better in the end. (If you don't want to put up new baseboards, then you don't have to.)

When you're done with that, you should start adding the panels of wainscoting. The best way that you can do that is to spread the carpenting glue with a trowel, and then put the panels up on the wall. The best suggestion is to nail the panels up as well. You will not need a lot of nails - these are not going to hold the panels in place forever. Instead the nails are just to hold the panels up until the glue dries.

Finally, if there are any gaps left between the panels, you can fill those with caulk.

Congratulations! You'll have installed some great faux wainscoting in your home.