How to Completely Refresh Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

You don’t just spruce up your curb appeal when you want to sell a property. You spruce it up so that you can come home to a place you are proud of. You do it for your own benefit, so that you can enjoy your home even more.

You do it so that you can improve your neighborhood. You do it because it’s a great weekend project to have done. You also do it to extend the life of your property.

There are so many benefits to refreshing your home’s curb appeal, and here are the steps you’ll need to do it:

Clean It

Before you can start anything, you have to first prepare. For landscaping, this requires you to perhaps root out the pesky weeds that are growing in-between the cracks of your walkway, or it might even mean digging up your yard entirely to prep it for a complete overhaul.

In terms of preparing your home, deep cleaning it with a pressure washer could be a necessary step. That being said, pressure washers can be dangerous in the sense that just as they can blast off dirt, so too can they break windows, which is why you should avoid trying it yourself unless you have the relevant experience.

Other ways you can clean involve just traditional scrubbing, which works perfectly if your goal is to just touch up the trim around your front door. If your goal is to repaint your property completely, however, it is usually best to hire professionals.

Spruce it Up

Now that your property is clean, it is time to spruce it up. Some projects will be easy to do it yourself, others will require a professional. Repainting your door can be a fun project for you and your family to do over a weekend, whereas a full property makeover will require a lot of extra equipment you simply won’t have.

The cost of external wall painting depends on the tradesman you hire, but the cost is worth it when it brings a return on your investment by improving your home’s curb appeal. Save in advance and then find the best contractors for the job, so that you can enjoy a beautiful home.


Now that your property itself is fixed up, it’s time to start gardening. Whether you physically plant items into the ground, or only use potted plants, designing the greenery of your home can help transform it. You don’t want to do this all at once without a plan, however, otherwise you run the risk of overpopulating your front garden.


No property is complete without that personal touch. Whether it’s your welcome mat, or hanging planters, or even your letterbox, there are always ways you can add a touch of your personality to the mix.

When you refresh your home’s curb appeal, everyone benefits. You benefit from a beautiful home and your community benefits from having a nicer neighborhood. Refreshing your exterior is a fun way to better your property and extend its life, so book off a weekend and get to it!