Learn How Color Can Change The Feel Of Any Room - Part 2

Read on with our continuation on how to choose the right paint color for your room.  Discover how various colors can make a room feel.  Also check out our article on the impact of strong paint colors.

Gray One of the more conversative colors gray can be used to give any room a clean and formal atmosphere. This could be useful in meeting rooms or perhaps as an element of a home office. Don't overdo it with gray - too much of it can make even the most vibrantly designed room somewhat boring.

Yellow This color suggest warmth, richness and happiness and can have a truly magical effect on a room. Used in moderation yellow is wonderful. Painting a room entirely in yellow is not advisable as overuse of this color in a room can cause headaches and nausea.

Pink This is a very "female" color and should only be used in rooms where a feminine touch is required. Using pink in every aspect of a room, from paintwork to furniture, can quickly make it look tacky and cheap. Green A fresh color to use in any almost any room in any home.

Green works really well in bathrooms and also in childrens rooms because of the feeling of nature that it lends to those rooms. You could also consider using green in bedrooms as it's been known to have a very calming effect and might help you sleep better.

Orange A very vibrant and "alive" color orange stimulates the mind and is ideal for any room that you would like to have an energetic feel to it. Red An extremely powerful color that suggests passion, strength and even possesses agressive overtones to it.

Red is ideal for use in dining rooms and kitchens as it's been known to stimulate the appetite. Hopefully the above article have given you a better understanding of just how important it is to use the right colors in your home decorating project. Using the right colors in the right places is the secret to your overall success.

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