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How To Sponge Paint Your Bathroom

There’s no reason for your bathroom to be the ugliest room in the house – though often times this room is ignored when it comes to the more entertaining types of home decorating. While there is often a lot of attention paid to the fixtures that will be in that room, most people overlook the most important part of any interior decorating scheme – the walls!

Although it is sometimes possible to put up pictures or murals in a bathroom, most bathrooms do not have lots of wallspace to do so – usually the walls are blocked by bathroom fixtures. Therefore, if you want to make the walls in your bathroom look far more interesting, you should think about different painting techniques instead. Sponge painting your bathroom is one way that you can add color and texture to the walls without doing too much extra work, or spending a lot of money on different types of wall stencils.

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Tips For Sponge Painting With Sunflowers

Sponge painting with sunflower heads is another cheap way to add some color to your home. In order to add some texture or color to the walls of your home, many people suggest sponge painting. This is a great idea, since it will add both texture and the color of paint that you want to the wall. However, you do not have to paint with sponges. In fact, many people have found that they get the results they want by using other objects for the sponge paintings.

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Sponge Painting Tips

Do you want to use a creative finish on your walls that does not require a lot of work? Sponge painting is one of the examples of decorative finishes that are quick and easy to create. Examples of sponge painting can be found on walls, furniture, and even accessories.

Taking a look at finished work will help you create the look you want for your walls or furniture. To use the sponge painting technique, you will need a dark color of latex based paint for your bottom coat and a lighter color of paint for your top coat. Latex paint can be easily cleaned with water and is easier to work with than oil based paints. You will also need brushes or a roller and a sponge.

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