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How To Sponge Paint Your Bathroom

There’s no reason for your bathroom to be the ugliest room in the house – though often times this room is ignored when it comes to the more entertaining types of home decorating. While there is often a lot of attention paid to the fixtures that will be in that room, most people overlook the most important part of any interior decorating scheme – the walls!

Although it is sometimes possible to put up pictures or murals in a bathroom, most bathrooms do not have lots of wallspace to do so – usually the walls are blocked by bathroom fixtures. Therefore, if you want to make the walls in your bathroom look far more interesting, you should think about different painting techniques instead. Sponge painting your bathroom is one way that you can add color and texture to the walls without doing too much extra work, or spending a lot of money on different types of wall stencils.

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Can Home Decorating Magazines Inspire You?

Are you just bursting to redecorate your home but find yourself stuck for ideas? Never fear publishing is here! There are numerous home improvement magazines aimed at every room and every style of home imaginable. Going beyond that there are even magazines that focus on a certain type of decorating material such as wood or leather. Home improvement as an industry is currently booming and as this trend continues so will the number of magazines available to cater for it.

Another neat part of our own modern media culture is the side-by-side development of websites for each magazine. (Better Homes and Gardens) is a great example of how printed magazines and their websites can provide you with vast amounts of information for any home decorating or DIY project.

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Paint Masking Tips

When it comes to painting indoors you really can’t afford to make too many (if any) mistakes when you’re painting. One slip of the hand and you’re going to be clearing up paint splashes for weeks to come. Masking is something most of you hate right? I get that - totally do. But the problem is that if you don’t mask off surfaces properly then you’re going to wind up having some sort of painting “accident”.

Most people try to skip the tedious task of masking off door frames and windows because…well it’s tedious and takes time. Look at it this way. Yes you can save a few hours in time by not masking but I absolutely guarantee you’re going to make a mess that you regret. I don’t care what your painting skills are you’re going to zig when you should have zagged at some point in the painting game.

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When To Use Primer Paint?

When most of you are thinking about painting a wall or ceiling you’re really only thinking about the shade you want to paint that wall. That’s the truth really - you’re thinking about the finished “product” more than the preparation right? Priming the surface is as important as taking the time to make sure you have a good finish. It’s best not to skip over the prep steps - you can wind up paying a hefty price later on.

“So when should I use primer paint?” I hear you ask.

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Online Stencils For Painting Jobs

If you are beginning to think that winter will never end, why not bring the garden into your home? Whether you search for free online stencils or order books or designs, you can use stenciling patterns to create a garden mural for your walls.

First, you will need to design your mural using inspiration from your garden, gardening books or online stenciling ideas. You may also want to tie the mural to your room by creating a stencil border around the ceiling. Keep your design simple so you can complete it quickly and easily.

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