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How To Use Paint Rollers

The time has come to redecorate a room in your home. You stand there in front of a large blank wall with your paintbrush and you just totally blank. Where do you start? Fortunately for you there is a tool that makes the daunting task of painting such a large surface so much easier. What is this amazing and wonderful device you ask? It is the versatile paint roller. Paint rollers allow people to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to paint a large, flat surface, like a wall with few windows or a ceiling.

Most people go straight for the cheap DIY type paint roller when they go shopping. They work just fine but there many other options for you to choose from. The biggest problem for most people is the “cutting in” process around windows and awkward corners. Anyone can tell you that painting a corner with just a roller is pretty much impossible. Still there are ways around this problem. You can cut in with a brush first and then go back and roll the rest of the walls.

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How To Choose A Paintbrush

There are dozens of different DIY items on sale in stores but none of them is as versatile as the good old paintbrush. It’s been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years and is still a firm favourite of decorators and designers all over the world.

Nobody really knows who first invented the paint brush. Ever since the dawn of mankind people have been etching or painting on surfaces in caves all over the world. At some stage, somewhere in our evolutionary history, an early man (or woman perhaps?) gathered together some hairs or plant strands and painted with powdered stone and water on a wall and the paint brush was born.

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